Sara Blecher

Sara Blecher
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Film director, Producer, Journalist, Screenwriter
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv, Media

Journaliste at South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Sara Blecher, is co-creator (with her mother Hilary) of the series "Zero Tolerance" (Ochre Moving Pictures), a homegrown television detective series, which sees an elite Scorpions-style unit tackle crime, in and around Joburg (Johanesburg).

Filmographie / Filmography

2004, EVERY 26 SECONDS, 72 min.
Directors : Hilary Blecher, Sarah Blecher and Berry Berk, South Africa.
In South Africa a woman is raped every 26 seconds. The Zero Tolerance unit is called to duty by member of the team, Hannalie de Kock, a crack IT specialist. When her girlfriend is raped, the task for Hannalie becomes not only work but also personal. Her professionalism is put to the test as she struggles with her desire for revenge and her duty to uphold the law.

2004, Sara Blecher, South Africa, 80 min
Terror grows in the city of Johannesburg where an unknown sniper claims an innocent black man's life every 48 hours. It is the duty of the team from Zero Tolerance to uncover the murderer. With only hours left before the sniper strikes again, the team must act fast. The story unfolds links to the Boer uprising in Lichtenburg and the prophesies of the South African prophet Siener Van Rensburg.

1996, Charmaine's Story, South Africa, 26 min, BETA

1998, Real Lives: From Russia with Love & The House on Mpanza Road, South Africa, 52 min x 2, BETA. Directors: Sara Blecher and Nadine Zylstra.


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