Hany Adel

Hany Adel
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Singer, Actor, Guitarist, Composer
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Egyptian singer, music composer and actor, known for Cairo 678 (2010), Clash (2016) and Mesawar Qateel (2012).

Sometimes credited as

He's not just a guitarist, he's not just a vocalist, he's the guy who can take u from Nubian music to Spanish music, from folk to jazz, from blues to reggae, from rock to rap, he can sound like Kurt Cobain and Frank Sinatra at the very same song!he is the voice from the sand! he is the Wust El Balad band founder! he is the Mariatchi! He is the multi talented HANY ADEL!

The "attractive one" as called in many occasions.
It was Omran's and his idea to put together the group of Wust El Balad. Beside composing some of the songs, Hany is a whole show himself, his great presence combined with his lively guitar playing, and his energetic, sensitive voice brings the band to its maximum energy level.
Hany Adel (Arabic: هاني عادل‎; born September 8, 1976) is an Egyptian guitarist, vocalist, and screen actor. He was born September 8, 1976 and is the founding member of the Arabic language band Wust El-Balad. He has also played significant supporting roles in a number of contemporary Egyptian films dealing with controversial social and political issues facing Arab society. These films include Microphone (2010), a film about Egypt's culture wars, Asmaa (2011) about a woman living in Cairo with HIV/AIDS, and the 2013 film Fatat El Masnaa ("Factory Girl") about gender and class discrimination in modern Egyptian society.

His twitter:
Hany Adel (@hanyadelartist)


2017 | Halawet El Donia: Life is Beautiful. (TV Series). His role: Omar
* Actor

2017 | Haza Al Masaa: Later Tonight (TV Series). His role: Hazem
* Actor

2016 | Clash. Director: Mohamed Diab. His role: Adam
* Actor

2016 | Hepta: The Last Lecture. Director: Hadi El Bagoury. His role: Yehia
* Actor

2015 | Taht Al Saytara (TV Series) (as Hany Adel)
* Actor

2014 | Saheb El Saada (TV Series) (2014)
* Actor

2014 | Excuse My French. Director: Amr Salama. His role: Abdallah Peter
* Actor / Composer

2014 | Decor. Director: Ahmad Abdalla
* Composer

2013 | Factory Girl. Director: Mohamed Khan. His role: Salah
* Actor

2013 | Al Me'adeya. His role: Fares
* Actor / Music revisor

2013 | Asia. His role: Ragy
* Actor

2013 | A Girl Named Zat (TV Series)
* Composer

2012 | Mesawar Qateel. Director: Kareem El-Adl
* Composer

2012 | Like Roses (TV Series)
* Actor

2011 | Asmaa. His role: Mosaad
* Actor

2010 | Cairo 678 (Les femmes du bus 678)
* Composer

2010 | Microphone. Director: Ahmad Abdalla. His role: Hany
* Actor

2010 | Walad w Bent. His role: Bahaa'
* Actor / Composer

2009 | Akher ayam el ard / Last days of the Earth. Director: Khaled al-Mahdi. His role: Fares (voice) / Songwriter: "Qalb Fares" / Music Performer ("Qalb Fares")
* Actor / Soundtrack

2009 | Escaping from the West (TV Series). His role: Hassan (2009)
* Actor / Composer

2009 | Heliopolis. Director: Ahmad Abdalla. His role: Hany
* Actor

2009 | Spring 89 (Short)
* Composer

2008 | Zay el naharda
* Composer

2006 | The Advertisement (Short)
* Composer

* www.imdb.com/name/nm3192881/
* www.facebook.com/pg/HanyAdelOfficial/about/
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hany_Adel
* https://soundcloud.com/hanyadel
* https://twitter.com/hanyadelartist



هاني عادل مغني ، مؤلف موسيقي و ممثل


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