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  • Marie-Clémence Andriamonta-Paes
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Film director, Producer, Screenwriter
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Marie-Clémence Paes is both Malagasy and French. She writes and produces award winning documentaries with her husband Cesar Paes, a Brazilian DOP and film director. Their films offer intimate journeys across the globe that highlight a better cross cultural understanding. Her lastest film FAHAVALO, Madagascar 1947 (2018) was bought with the curiosity to understand the mystery from the untold story of the 1947 Madagascar uprising rooted from her ancestors. She made the documentary to unravel the history. The oral testimonies are what will keep the story real and alive for the future generations. Marie-Clémence Andriamonta-Paes was born in Antananarivo, Madagascar. She holds a Master's degree in Sociology and a CELSA diploma in Marketing and Advertising from the Sorbonne. In 1988, she launched Laterit Productions, an independent production and distribution company that focuses cross-cultural understanding. With Cesar Paes, she signed documentaries including'Angano... Angano... Tales from Madagascar','Songs and Tears of Nature' and'Awara Soup', which have won awards at Cinema du Réel, the Festival dei Popoli and the Leipzig Film Festival. Their feature documentaries, including'Saudade do Futuro', Mahaleo' and'An Opera from the Indian Ocean' have been released theatrically in France and the USA. Marie-Clémence and Cesar Paes Taking the time to look and reach out to the other Their films allow poetry to speak out, and arouse this very emotion which awakens awareness and joyfully nurtures us. Marie-Clémence and Cesar Paes make committed and serious statements, but doing so, they put us into a half-awoken dream where it is not essential to grasp at things at once, since the presence of the people, the colour, the rhythm and the relevance of their discourse will remain within us, since the traces left by their films are working underground and, suddenly, question us with a healthy disturbing shivering. The approach chosen by the Paes is based on respect for the subject, and the time they take to get closer, to listen, can fundamentally be found in their restitution of reality. Since their films mainly focus on oral literature, cinema stands as the only suitable support to rightly transmit the words of the story tellers, allowing the free flow of their imagination, of our imagination. Under the Paes eyes no trace of exoticism can be found, they train our own eyes, encouraging us to move out towards the other one and move inside within oneself. They simply make us a little more sensitive, more open, a little less cartesian. by Martine Armand for the Fribourg international Film Festival Source : * * * ________ إخراج ولدت ماري كليمنس آندريامونتا بايس في آنتاناناريفو في مدغشقر وحصلت على شهادة الماجيستير في العلوم الاجتماعية وشهادة دبلوم CELSA في التسويق والإعلان من السوربون، وفي عام 1988، أطلقت شركى لاتيريت وهي شركة إنتاج وتوزيع مستقلة تركز على التواصل بين الحضارات، وقد تعاونت مع سيزار بايس لإخراج عدة أفلام وثائقية منها "آنانجو..قصص من مدغشقر" و"دموع وأغاني الطبيعة" و"حساء أوارا" وفازت جميعًا بعدة جوائز في مهرجانات سينمل دو ريل ودي بوبولي وليبزيج، كما عُرضت أفلامها الروائية الطويلة "سوداد دي فوتورو" و"مهاليو" و"أوبرا من المحيط الهندي" في دور العرض الفرنسية والأمريكية Source:


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