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Genre : Production
Status : Private company
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
14 rue Drouot
75009 PARIS
Tel. : +33 1 55 31 27 42
Fax : +33 1 55 31 27 36
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ELZEVIR FILMS was created by Denis CAROT and Marie MASMONTEIL in 1993. By this time, they had both acquired extensive experience in audiovisual and cultural domains and had known each other for a few years. Driven by the same ambition and conscious of their complementary backgrounds, their association seemed natural. 3 years later, in 1996, that they left their respective roles to fully dedicate themselves to really starting the company.
From the beginning, the complementary experiences of the two associates enabled ELZEVIR FILMS to develop its production activity in cinema as well as television.
Believing that both sectors could be complementary on an artistic as well as economic level, ELZEVIR FILMS's efforts to lead this double activity has given it, to this day, a certain originality.
In a time when artists and technicians happily cross from one genre to the other and when most cinema producers wish to start television production and vice versa, ELZEVIR FILMS stands as a precursor.
On an artistic level producing films, for cinema and for television, offers the creative talents (directors, writers, actors…) a wider range of projects and enables the company to build long standing relationships with them.
After fictional programs, ELZEVIR FILMS now broadens its activity to documentaries, a genre increasingly present in cinema theatres and that offers new areas to explore as well as new crossover possibilities.
The company's editorial policy is developed according to artistic encounters, on the based on projects that are always original, if not truly exceptional at times. This variety and openness to different types of production is reflected in the choice of writers and directors - regular production of first films as well as films by well established artists - and in the progressive development of the company on an international level through a growing number of co-productions.

The team

// Denis Carot
Manager, Producer

// Marie Masmonteil

// Christine Custudio
Direct line: +33 (0)1 55 31 27 45

// Laetitia Pichon
Production manager
Direct line: +33 (0)1 55 31 27 39

// Ardavan Safaee
Business affairs
Direct line: +33 (0)1 55 31 27 61

// Chloé Souchet
Production manager
Direct line: +33 (0)1 55 31 27 51

// Karen Willemsen
Legal affairs
Direct line: +33 (0)1 55 31 27 42

Short filmography


Home - Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Sans moi - Olivier Panchot

Vallée des fleurs - Pan Nalin


Pour aller au ciel, il faut mourir - Djamshed Usmonov

Le Bureau


The lost domain (le domaine perdu) - Raoul Ruiz

Va, vis et deviens - Radu Mihaileanu


Tout le plaisir est pour moi - Isabelle Broué


Bella ciao - Stéphane Giusti


Comme dans un film - Bruno Dega

Notre père - Lidia Terki


Ca ne se refuse pas - Eric Woreth

Mal de ville - Lidia Terki

Pourquoi pas moi ? - Stéphane Giusti


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