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Sabine Sidawi, productrice Jinane Dagher, productrice Furn El Chebbak- Derriere Crepaway- Rue Samout- Imm. Abou Akar- 1er etage
BP 4042 - Baabda Beyrouth
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Created in January 2007 and managed by Sabine Sidawi Hamdan, Orjouane Productions specializes in the production of films (feature films and medium length) and documentaries. The company now regroups to producers who cover all aspects of production while working closely with different Lebanese and European filmmakers and technicians.

Orjouane Productions aims to contribute in the development of Lebanon's cinema industry and the emerging of some new Lebanese talented directors. Orjouane Productions develop its film projects, by putting in place the searching for local and international funding, as well as manage the entire preparation (casting, location….) and shooting of films in Lebanon and Middle East (Jordan, Syria…).

Since 2007, several films and documentaries have been produced and co-produced by Orjouane Productions:

- ‘Dans les champs de bataille' de Danielle Arbid
- ‘Chaque Jour est une fete' de Dima El Horr
- ‘Nous etions communistes' de Maher Abi Samra
- ‘Pays Revé' de Jihane Chouaib
- ‘Beyrouth Hotel' de Danielle Arbid
-'74' de Rania and Raed Rafei (post-production)

Line Production
- ‘Zozo' de Josef Fares
- ‘Un Homme Perdu' de Danielle Arbid
- ‘Melodrama Habibi' de Hani Tamba
- ‘Carlos' d'Olivier Assayas

Distribution salle
- ‘Dans les champs de bataille' de Danielle Arbid
- ‘Nous étions communistes' de Maher Abi Samra

Distribution DVD
- ‘Seule avec la guerre/Aux frontieres' de Danielle Arbid
- ‘Dans les champs de bataille' de Danielle Arbid


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