The Superstition

Gênero : Thriller
Rúbrica : Cinema/tv
Ano de produção : 2014
Formato : Longo


Directed by Paresh Gondaliya, the film is about a single father called Wawuyo (Roger Masaba), living in Kampala, who jealously protects his son Jonathan (Benjamin Masereka).

Wawuyo, an army veteran, has returned from duty in Iraq where he was working as a security officer. On returning home, he finds that, in his wife Adrina (Grace Lindsey Mbabazi) had been cheating on him.

He parts from her, and a one-time stint with a prostitute results in the birth of Jonathan. He struggles to eke out a living for himself and the child; a DNA test confirms that Jonathan is his son.

But one day, as Jonathan is returning from school, he is abducted by a notorious murder gang on the orders of an engineer, who sacrifices him at a construction site in the city - and Wawuyo seeks justice.

The Superstition is co-directed and written by Aaron Zziwa and produced by Gondaliya Brothers Motion Pictures Ltd. It will be screened at this year's UguFilm Festival in South Africa in September.

"Child sacrifice is practised in many parts in this country. Even rich people are involved in this practice. People need to be sensitised about this and it should be stopped," Gondaliya said.

Also in the cast are Ernest Bbumba, Raj Gondaliya, Jayant Maru, Edlyn Sabrina, Aaron Zziwa, Robert Ernest Bbumba, Terray Ombaka and Peter Lwanga.

Witchdoctors involved in ritual killings ask for blood, body parts like the heart, liver and genitals, to be consumed by spirits. They claim the spirits speak directly to their clients and demand these body parts as a tool to solve myriad problems.






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