Upon the Shadow

Genre : Biography
Type : Documentary
Column : Cinema/tv

The documentary follows the daily life of Amina Sboui, a human rights activist and her friends whom she hosts at her home. Their lives intersects and clashes, sometimes softly and others violently, to illustrate the path of a youth too often rejected for its non-normativity.
We discover the mysterious side of Amina Sboui (former Femen) and her daily life. Her friends of the LGBT community, who live at her home, have been rejected by their families and the society. Through out Amina, we dive into their stories: Sandra (transvestite), Ramy (gay), Ayoub (gay), Atef (gay and transvestite). Many unexpected events keep coming and caught live…

A film by Nada Mezni Hafaiedh

Tunisia, 2018, Feature documentary, 80'

with Amina Sboui, Sandra Neifer, Ramy Ayari, Ayoub Moumene, Atef Pucci

Original Title: Upon the Shadow
Genre: Feature documentary
Duration: 80 minutes, col.
Production year: 2017
Country: Tunisia

Producer: Slim Hafaiedh

Director: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh
Screenplay: Nada Mezni Hafaiedh
DOP: Ikbel Arafa (Ikbal Arafa)
Sound: Helmi Belfekih
Editing: Tidal Zran - Noura Nefzi (Noura Nafzi)
Music: Yacine Azaiez

Production companies:
- Leyth production
- La clairière Production

World Sales (Festivals, Sales):
The Open Reel

Email : slim(@)leythproduction.com - claire.beffa(@)gmail.com

Thessaloniki International Doc Film Festival 2017 - Human Rights
Pink Apple Film Festival Zurich 2017
Cinema Arabe Film Festival Amsterdam 2017
Pride Ouest 2017 Bern 2017
FICMY Merida and Yucatan International Film Festival 2017 - International Documentary Competition
Afrika Film Festival Cologne 2017
Transcreen Film Festival Amsterdam 2017 - Documentary Competition
Queer Lisboa 2017 - Documentary Competition
Gender Bender Bologna 2017
Queerischt Bern 2017
Queer Film Festival Oldenburg 2017
Beijing Queer Film Festival 2017
Chéries-Chéris Paris 2017 - Documentary Competition
Carthage International Film Festival 2017 - Documentary Competition
London Fringe Queer Films & Arts Festival 2017
Arab Cinema Week New York 2017
Brussels CinemaMed Film Festival 2017 - Medoc's
Ljubljana International LGBT Film Festival 2017 - Documentary Competition
Mawjoudin LGBT Film Festival Tunis 2018
Le Garde Chasse théâtre et cinéma Les Lilas 2018
CinemAfrika Stockholm 2018
Les Rencontres Documentaires de l'IRTS de Lorraine Nancy 2018
Zinegoak Bilbao 2018
Zinegoak Extension Urnieta 2018
Zinegoak Extension Oñati 2018
Kvinnohistoriskt Museum Umea 2018
Ecrans Mixtes Lyon 2018
Afrika Film Festival Leuven 2018
BBC Arabic Film Festival London 2018
Cinhomo Valladolid 2018
ESSTeDesign Tunis 2018
Freiburger Lesben Filmtage Freiburg 2018
Tunis Doc Film Festival 2018
Panama LGBT Film FestIval Espacio Seis 2018
Arab Film Festival Paris 2018
Madrid Cinema Pride 2018
Korea Queer Film Festival Seoul 2018

* FICMY Merida and Yucatan International Film Festival 2017 - Special Mention
* Transcreen Film Festival Amsterdam 2017 - Second Runner Up
* Carthage Internationa Film Festival 2017 - Bronze Tanith, ARFT Special Mention
* Zinegoak Bilbao 2018 - Best Documentary



يروي الوثائقي الحياة اليومية لأمينة السبوعي وهي ناشطة في مجال حقوق الإنسان و أصدقائها الذين يعيشون في منزلها. تتقاطع حياتهم و تتصادم أحيانا في لطف و أخرى في عنف، لتروي مسار شباب منبوذ من أجل لا معياريته

في الظل (2017)

ندى مازني حفيظ - تونس

النوع : وثائقي طويل
المدة : 80 دقيقة
سنة الإنتاج : 2017
البلد : تونس

المخرج : ندى مازني حفيظ
السيناريو : ندى مازني حفيظ
Ikbel Arafa: مدير التصوير
Tidal Zran - Noura Nefzi: تركيب

Leyth production - La clairière Production: شركة الإنتاج
slim@leythproduction.com - claire.beffa@gmail.com: البريد الالكتروني

JCC 2017
المسابقة الرسمية للأفلام الوثائقيّة الطويلة / Compétition Officielle Longs Métrages Documentaires / Official Feature Documentary Competition


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