International platform

ACP Cultures+ Program by the European Union

The ACP Cultures-EU programme grant allowed the development of the new version of Southplanet (on line since November 2013, officially launched in March 2014), and the realization of the 22 national cultural portals :

  • Africa : Burkina, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zimbabwe
  • The Caribbean : Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana, Haïti, Jamaica, Dominican Rep, Trin. and Tobago
  • The Pacific : Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua-New Guinea, Vanuatu
Funding from August 2012 to July 2015.

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Southplanet website was made possible by a grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs' International Cooperation and Development General Directorate (DGCID). This grant was attributed as part of its action in favour of cultural diversity.
Funding from January 2006 to December 2008.

In Niger


The second phase of the Niger Civil Society Backing Programme (PASOC II), funded by the 10th European Development Fund, funded the creation of the Nigercultures portal in 2013. The site is managed by the Niamey-based NGO Culture, Art et Humanité.

In Burkina Faso


The Burkinabe Ministry of Culture's desire to see the creation of a portal at the service of Burkinabe artists' international visibility, combined with financial backing from the Support Programme to the ACP Cultural Sectors – financed by the European Development Fund (EDF) – made it possible to create the first national portal based on the Southplanet site. Datas have been collected by the Africultures Burkina Faso association, in Ouagadougou.

In Mali


With the backing of the PADESC, the third Cultural Sectors Support Programme, implemented in the framework of Mali - European Union cooperation, the website has been developed. It lists all Malian cultural operators and a significant number of artists in the country. The site was officially launched in Bamako on 20 September 2011 in the presence of the Malian Minister of Culture.

In Cameroon

Fondation MTN-Galerie MAM

The MTN Foundation - MAM Gallery funded in Cameroon a design competition to create the Kamercultures portal in 2011.



The French association Africultures is in charge of Southplanet's technological development and coordinates its contents.


Arterial Network and Arts in Africa

The pan-African Arterial Network network is associated with Southplanet. The different countries' chapters help the project to take root on the ground and have a space reserved for their national portals. The new version of the Arts in Africa site will be linked to the Southplanet database.

Gens de la Caraïbe and Kamakuka

At the crossroads of the Caribbean-Amazonian cultural market, the Caribbean Gens de la Caraïbe network and its Kamakuka project are partners with the Southplanet project for the Caribbean.

UNESCO Global Alliance

The Global Alliance invites its members to use Southplanet, "an innovative communication and information tool destined for the cultural operators of the South".

FACC African - Federation of Film Critics

Based in Dakar, the Federation runs the site. It shares its database with Southplanet, contributing extensively to its exhaustiveness in the domains of film and audiovisual.

Pacific Arts Alliance

The Pacific Arts Alliance is a network of Pacific artists. Information sharing is planned with Southplanet.


The Nigeria-based Mokolo film platform is a network for African film industry professionals. It will be linked to the Southplanet database.






  • Arterial network
  • Media, Sports and Entertainment Group (MSE)
  • Gens de la Caraïbe
  • Groupe 30 Afrique
  • Alliance Française VANUATU
  • Zimbabwe : Culture Fund Of Zimbabwe Trust
  • RDC : Groupe TACCEMS
  • Rwanda : Positive Production
  • Togo : Kadam Kadam
  • Niger : ONG Culture Art Humanité
  • Collectif 2004 Images
  • Africultures Burkina-Faso
  • Bénincultures / Editions Plurielles
  • Africiné
  • Afrilivres

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