Appel du Sahel (L') | Sahel calling

  • Appel du Sahel (L') | Sahel calling
Genre : Musical
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2013
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 40 (in minutes)

"Sahel Calling" is a documentary film about the motivational power of music and musicians to confront a radical political agenda such as the type occurring in the north of Mali. Here, various opposing armed groups have exploited regional tensions to assume control, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents, exacerbating an existing humanitarian crisis, and breaking the international decree of human rights by offering a bleak interpretation of Shariah law. Among other oppressive extremities and violations, they have outlawed the playing and enjoyment of music, a particularly egregious act, as this region is the birthplace and spiritual center of some of the world's greatest, most enduring and influential musical forms and traditions.

Sahel Calling, Official Film, English version (20 June 2013) from john bosch on Vimeo.

"Sahel Calling" will follow certain musicians - many of whom are displaced themselves - and travel through the cities and villages filming their experiences, recording their songs and stories, interviewing refugees, and exploring the transformative power of solidarity and music against those that would attempt to silence us.

This is a story of the motivational force of music and the impact it can have on moving others to awareness and action, and possibly affecting a complex, socio-political, violent crisis. A true documentary, "Sahel Calling" researchs and plans as much as possible, but like the musicians themselves, no one knows what will transpire, nor what or who will be inspired by them - until it is happening.

Can the musicians find common ground? Can they affect change, and should they? Will you? Viewers are musically lured to listen and learn, dance and take action.

Format: 20-minute short and full-length documentary

Producer & Project Director: Kathryn M. Werntz

Director: John Bosch

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Director of Photography: Peter Buntaine
Sound & Assistant Camera: Toby Cameron
Assistant Editor: Graham Corrigan
Field Producer: Arouna Coulibaly (Ben Zabo)
Field Translator & Assistant: Abdallah Ag Amano
Sound Assistant: Sidibé "Boss"
Sand Artistry: Anne Löper
(Berlin Crew) Videographer: Philipp Grieß
(Berlin Crew) Videographer: Kevin Rumley
(Berlin Crew) Sound Engineer: Flo Chaintiou
(Berlin Crew) Film Editor: Davide de Feudis
(Dakar Crew) Videographer: Tom Escarmelle
(Dakar Crew) Sound: Daouda Fall

Language Team
Benoit Charron
Sarah Francoise
Mariama Ludovic De Lys
Haoua Sanogo

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Special Advisors
Chris Eckman: Musician and Label Manager, Glitterbeat Records
Sedryk: Label Manager, Reaktion
Helene Caux: UNHCR Senior Regional Public Information Officer
Hugo Reichenberger: UNHCR Reporting Officer & Public Information
Several staff: Oxfam GB
Shaka Ceesay: Conscience International

Special thanks for guidance from:
Banning Eyre: Musician and Senior Editor, Afropop
Vanessa Gildea: Film Producer
Andy Morgan: Writer
Songlines Magazine

The Sahel Calling Project Team
Maggie Melin: Assistant Project Director
Franziska Hoffmann: Fundraising & Partnerships
Freya Aquarone: Communications
Christine Bergougnous: Communications
Pedro López Gejo: Communications
Elgin Hertel: Communications
Anne Ristorcelli: Communications
Dan Song: Communications
Willem Broekema: IT Advisor
John Macinnes: Website
Magali Balaud: Assistant
Jonathan Baum: Assistant
Jeryl Julian Cissé: Assistant
Kristine Müller: Assistant

Core Project Volunteer Translators
Maria Fagerlund
Sara González Garrido
Ana Sánchez Granada
Marie Mourougaya
Moni Pojar-Avender
Sigrun Putjenter

The Sahel Calling Project Association
Kathryn M. Werntz: President
Mapathé Gaye (Hampaté): Vice President
Amy P. Watts: Treasurer
Didier Eric Fonseca: Secretary

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Sahel Calling, Offizieller Film, auf Deutsch (20 Juni 2013) from john bosch on Vimeo.

Ein riesiges Dankeschön an all unsere Unterstützer, Familie, Freunde und Fans.
Kathryn (Kap) & das Sahel Calling Team

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Sahel Calling, Película Oficial, Versión en Español (20 Junio 2013) from john bosch on Vimeo.

Queremos dar un especial agradecimiento a todos nuestros voluntarios, familiares, amigos y seguidores.
Kathryn (Kappa) y el equipo de Sahel Calling

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