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Micheal Mukhitho Phiri, popularly known as Micheal Yekha was a blind Malawian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musician and record producer. He was known for his hit songs like Miseche(A Micheal ndi patali), Ndiwelengere ndalama, Khuluwani muche and Nangondo phe. His home village was Mulanje, in the southern part of Malawi.

Music Career

Micheal Yekha lent to play a number of instruments at the Mulanje school for the blind, the same school where Allan Namoko did his music training. There he learned how to play the guitar, although most of his training in music was self-taught. Apart from lead and backing voices, he proficiently played the guitar(banjo), drums and maseche. He was so talented and liked playing music own his own, in what one can call "One-man band". He is one of afew Malawian artist who ably sang in the ELhomwe language.

Music interest and influence

He was mainly concerned with three social issues of family, Character and contentment, and Gossip and jealousy. He addresses family issues in songs like Mayi anga, Adona anga. He talks about character in Kapilira and Nangondo phee. Whilst in Miseche and Mulomo. He talks the danger of Jealousy and gossip.

Songs written and produced by Micheal Yekha


Ndiwelengere ndalama (Chewa & ELhomwe)

Khuluwani muche (done in ELhomwe)




Adona anga

Amayi anga


Mukhumule (done in ELhomwe)

Ukhiri wamuchipongwe (done in ELhomwe)


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