All set for the High Schools District Theatrical Competitions

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Release/publication date : 2015
Published on : 22/06/2015
Source : 20 June 2015

High school district theatrical competitions running under the theme "Righteousness" have been slotted for July 11 this year and preparations are under way.

The contest which will see 14 schools battling it out for the first, second and third position will be hosted by Christ Ministries College.

Cool Lifestyle caught up with Christ Ministries Theatrical club members who opened up on their preparations and a number of issues around the significance of theatre to students.

"As a theatrical club, we are well prepared and going through our rehearsals with seriousness. Although we have won the district competitions many times in the past, we really know how stiff the competitions are.

"Christ Ministries High as a school is ready to host this year's district competitions and accommodate all the competing schools with a Christian spirit knowing fully well that although this will be a contest, we remain as one family," said the Head Boy Ngoni Zariro (19).

The agenda of the upcoming competitions would be to instil the Christian principles centred on the importance of embracing Christian values to be a good citizen. Zariro also stressed the importance of theatre as a tool for teaching and communication to young people in and outside schools.

"A lot of people understand different things differently with regards to how a message is communicated to them, some people understand better when you use plain verbal language, and some comprehend sign language while for others you have to combine speech with dramatic action.

"So by engaging in theatrical performance, the great thing is you communicate to a wider audience effectively since we combine all this and fusing them with song and dance," he said.

Another student Tinotenda James Zhakata (19) reiterated that theatre has to be promoted in all schools at all levels because it was significant to boosting student self-esteem as well as share life experiences.

"Theatre is a way by which we are able to, in a more dramatic way express ourselves more profoundly. It is a desire to experience another world in which we would want to be and not be.

"At the same time, the performances we go through have a very deeper way of boosting our confidence as students such that at the end of the day we are moulded into fearless public speakers," said Zhakata who is an Upper Six student.

Theatrical and sport director Mrs Muchero lamented that most schools were still lagging behind in promoting theatre which was an important tool in unlocking talent in students

"We have set a record as far as theatrical performance is concerned at district, provincial and national level. One of our best actors from last year has pursued an acting oriented career.

"It is easy to see how students get to realise certain latent potential they would never have taken time to see, as such it is lamentable that most schools have up to now not taking acting seriously," she said.

However, as schools are bracing up for the competitions. Upper Six Commercials student Ruvimbo Pfende (17) pointed out that theatre was not easy although it still remained enjoyable.

Despite the challenges, she said, with practice her club was hoping for the best at the upcoming district competitions.

"Theatre is pure acting, most of the characters we take are complete opposites of who we really are so it is quite a challenge to get in foreign shoes, however, this is not to say one can't enjoy the experience. As a club we are hoping for the best.

"I am inspired by Tyler Perry's story lines which dwell more on emotions and I have an interest in emotionally connecting myself to the audience to the point that they get a teaching out of the whole act," she said.

The club would not pre-empt the content of their act but rehearsals are underway with focus being placed on stage management, dialogue, voice production and movement



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