Perimeter of Kamsé (The)

  • Périmètre de Kamsé (Le)
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2020
Format : Feature
Running time : 93 (in minutes)

In Burkina Faso, desertification is uprooting land and emigration is emptying villages. In Kamsé, those who have not left for the big city are organizing themselves to wage a biblical struggle to prevent the desert from taking over their land. They then devote themselves to this hard undertaking, working under the burning sun, day after day, to build a network of dikes and try to green up the area. Le Périmètre de Kamsé tells a story of resistance led by those who remain in the village - mostly women - and who refuse to give up their land to the desert. They continue their struggle, hoping for the return of those who have emigrated, and confront the new threat of jihadism that looms on the horizon of this small community. Olivier Zuchuat takes up the challenge of filming a foreign land while keeping the right distance. Far from any cinematographic a priori, he makes a film about frontiers, which dares to question the geopolitical dimension of the serious contemporary problem of desertification. A committed and poetic narrative.

Produktion :
Meier Pierre-Alain
Dommerc Arnaud
Diallo Boubacar

Summary for official catalogues

In Burkina Faso, desertification is stealing land and emigration is emptying the villages. The women remaining in Kamsé devote themselves to building dikes and replanting trees to fertilise the area. They resist, refuse to give up land to the desert, and hope for the return of those who have emigrated, while jihadism rises like a new threat.


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