Cosmic Africa

  • Cosmic Africa
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2002
Format : Feature
Running time : 72 (in minutes)

An extraordinary personal odyssey of African astronomer, Thebe Medupe, who journeys into this ancient continent's astronomical past unveiling the deep connection humans have with the cosmos. "I know so much about the stars, yet I know so little about my own continent and how my people are connected to the sky." With these words, astronomer Thebe Medupe embarks on a quest to reunite his science with the origins of celestial knowledge in Africa. His journey takes him to the ancestral lands of the Ju/'hoansi in Namibia, whose ancient creation myths link terrestrial mysteries with the movements of the stars; to the Dogon people of Mali, whose night sky maps provide signposts on how to live on earth; and deep into the Sahara, where a cosmic clock attests to the African origins of astronomy. A beautifully shot, densely layered meditation on the influence of the cosmos on our daily lives.

In English, Ju/'hoansi and Bambara with English

Directors: Craig & Damon Foster
Producer: Carina Rubin
Production: Aland Pictures
Screenplay: Hugh Brody
Photography: Craig and Damon Foster
Editor: Damon Foster
Sound: Barry Donnelly
Cast: Thebe Medupe, Kxao Tami, Kunta Boo, N'ao'e Kommtsa Tcu'xo, Annaye Doumbo, Thulanni Ncamani

A co-production between Cosmos Studios, Åland Pictures and Anne Rogers

A unique 72 minute feature length documentary film that both explores and sheds new light on traditional African astronomy and in turn global understanding of the world's oldest science. Cosmic Africa is directed and filmed by the multi-award winning duo, Craig and Damon Foster.

In developing the film, the team's celestial quest put them in touch with chiefs, calendar specialists, diviners, healers, storytellers, nomads, shamans, sky lore experts, archaeologists, linguists and anthropologists from six different countries.


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