Jawhara Jail girl

  • Jawhara, fille de prison
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title : Bent El-Habs
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2003
Format : Feature
Running time : 97 (in minutes)

JAWHARA ("Pearl" in arabic) is a six year old girl born in prison from her mother SAFIA who is imprisoned.
SAID, the husband of SAFIA has doubts about the legitimacy of this birth but he would like to free up SAFIA and JAWHARA in spite of this doubt. For this, he comes into conflict with his brother HASSAN, a policeman. This conflict lasts, uses tortuous ways harboured by tricks and little schemes. Meanwhile, JAWHARA tells us her daily life in jail through her young and innocent look with its moments of pain, humiliation and sometimes happiness and above all questioning about the uncertain future. The search of SAID, SAFIA and JAWHARA leads them to a drama, on one hand and solidarity, on the other hand Jawhara.

This film is a tribute paid to all those men and women who suffered the pangs and affronts of imprisonment because of their ideas. It is inspired by events that took place in Morocco. It is part of the dynamics of the new Morocco which tends to turn this page of its past.
Saâd Chraibi

Mouna Fettou (SAFIA)
Latifa Ahrar (Kenza)
Amina Rachid (Keltoum)
Mohamed Bestaoui (Zidane)
Mohamed Khouyi (Hassan)
Ahmed Boulane (Chief)
Hajib Hiba (Jawhara child)
Rajâa El Khair (Jawhara narrator)
Yassine Ahjam (Said)
Abdelmoula Mohtarim (Ali)
Salaheddine Benmoussa (Farm Director)
Mostafa Salamat (Si Moussa)
Maria Sadek (Lalla Hora)
Fatema Chigger (Ghita)
Mahamed Yazidi (Si Allal)
Hamid Najah (Abdesslam)
Hassan Mediaf (El Ghaouti)
Zakaria Lahlou (Jebli)
Abdeltif Khamouli (Farm treasurer)
Khadija Adli (Director : prison)
Naima Bouhmala (Gardienne maison arrêt femmes)
Nazha Badr (Gardienne prison femmes)
Fatima Boujou (Gardienne maison arrêt femmes)
Saadia Ouazzani (Gardienne prison femmes)
Tarik Boukhari (Mahjoub Jridi)
Jamal Àbbabssi (Gardien Maison arrêt hommes)
Hicham Missi (Gardien maison arrêt hommes)
Mohamed Sahmaoui (Farm keeper)
Hamid Lahouadri (Farm keeper)
Karima Wessat (Fat prisoner)
Mohamed Hamsani (Director : maison de jeunes)

Idea: Saâd Chraibi
Screenplay: Saâd Chraibi / Youssef Fadel
Dialogues: Youssef Fadel
Cameraman: Kamal Derkaoui
Sound engineer: Fawzi Thabet
Executive producer: Rachid Fekkak
Music: Younes Megri / Ali and Hassan Souissi
Director: Saâd Chraibi

Type: Fiction
Length: 97 minutes
Format: Scope panavision
Sound: DTS Stereo


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