Mrs Bahja?

  • Madame Bahja (السيدة [...]
Genre : Comedy
Type : Fiction
Original title : Etat de santé de Madame Bahja (L') | Mme Bahja
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2006
Format : Short
Running time : 13 (in minutes)

Mrs. Bahja, in her sixties, is in hospital. Her leg and her arms are plastered. She suffers from high blood pressure. Mrs. Bahja's state is critical. She can hardly move but she must have dinner. Between what she wishes to watch on TV and what the nurse offers her - it's a question of taste - Mrs. Bahja has some difficulties eating, but should by no means get upset. Will she manage to keep her self-control?
Mrs Bahja, about 60, is an in-patient with leg and arms in plaster. She also has high blood pressure. She can hardly move, and yet has to have her dinner. She never agrees with the nurse on the program she wishes to watch on television. However, she must not lose her temper in any case. Will she manage to keep calm?

A sharp, incisive glance on old age and solitude. There is a sense of repartee and a capacity to sink into the drama by humour. Madam Bahja is ugly, Madam Bahja is old, Madam Bahja is sick - and nevertheless she collides into the big despair of the nurse, frivolous and superficial, who has only a single concern: her phone conversation with a friend. Two antipodal characters; two images of Tunisia for a comedy that does not compromise. The genre is very rare in Tunisian cinema. Through his first professional film, Walid Tayaa shows that it is possible to laugh intelligently.

Scénario/Screenplay: Walid Tayaa ; Image/Camera: Karim Ayari ; Son/Sound: Moez Echeikh ; Montage/Editing: Imene Jebri ; Décor/Set design: Raouf Helioui ; Interprètes/Cast: Fatma Ben Saïdane ; Durée/Length: 13' 30 - Format: 35 mm - Couleur ; Genre: Comedy

Contact: Ibrahim Letaïef / Long et court, Rue Lac Turkana Imm. Amen 1053 Les bergers du Lac, Tunis - Tunisie ; Tel: + 216 71 965 805 / Fax: + 216 71 965 963 ;


"السيدة بهجة" وليد طايع
١٤ دقيقة | ٢٠٠٧

لمحة ثاقبة وحادة على الشيخوخة والوحدة. شعور بحضور البديهة والقدرة على الانغماس في الدراما بأسلوب السخرية. السيدة بهجة سيدة دميمة، وعجوز، ومريضة، إلا أنها تصطدم بحالة اليأس العارمة التي تعيشها الممرضة، التي تتسم بالطيش والسطحية والتي لا تهتم إلا بشيء واحد: حوارها الهاتفي مع صديقتها. شخصيتان متناقضتان صورتان لتونس لكوميديا لا تقبل التنازلات. يعتبر هذا النوع الفني نادر جدًا في السينما التونسية. ومن خلال هذا الفيلم الاحترافي الأول، يثبت وليد طايع أنه من الممكن أن نضحك بذكاء.

تونس - من تنسيق إقبال زليلة


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