On The Fence - ع السلم

  • On The Fence - ع السلم
Genre : Biography
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2018
Format : Feature
Running time : 72 (in minutes)

After a nightmare, which her mother saw, Nesrine travels from Cairo, where she has lived since 2002, to her hometown "Tema" in Upper Egypt (400 km South of Cairo), in an attempt to save their old home.

A self-journey the filmmaker takes us back and forth between two worlds that don't belong to either of them.
Nesrine is suspended between two different places, in the house that the father left before his death there you find an attempt to cling to a special map, but it is very fragile and will disappear.

Three girls of different ages, living in different places; Cairo the capital of Egypt and Sohag in Upper Egypt. They feel alienated and detached from the place they are in and the society. They are in a continuous process of soul-searching, while living in closed communities with strict customs and traditions against the women. Throughout the film they are trying to break through the barriers forced upon them by a male dominated society, rejecting prejudice traditions that make them and many others submissive.

A film by Nesrine EL-ZAYAT selected for the FESPACO 2021

Egypt / Lebanon, 2020, feature Documentary, 1h12'

Country of origin: Egypt / Lebanon
Type: Documentary
Year: 2020
Color: Color
Duration: 72 min
Original Language: Arabic

How the camera can help a young director consecrate the past as a beautiful memory, live the present as a colourful shot, and look at the future without fear of a new loss.
The director moves between the father's house, which is being restored in order to keep the smell of old times within reach of the memory, and the fear for the mother's approval. The journey moves between a question and another, between time and another. Meanwhile, the camera appears to be like a welcomed guest who the family receives him modestly, and documents hoping to bring back special lost ones.
(CIFF 2020, Cairo)

Producer: Hala Lotfy
Director: Nesrine El-zayat
Cinematographer: Ola El Mallah, Nesrine EL-Zayat,My Zayed, Zaky Aref
Editor: Abdullah AL-Ghaly

Production : 7assala حصّالة
Coproduction : The Cell
Post production : The Cell

World Premiere /// 42nd CIFF - Cairo International Film Festival 2020 /// Wednesday Dec 9th at 3:30 PM (CLT - GMT+2),in the small theater || Competition: Horizons of Arab Cinema

Production Grant by 2016 Screen Institute Beirut



ع السلم

بعد حلم سئ، شاهدته الأم في المنام، تذهب نسرين في رحلة من القاهرة العاصمة الى موطنها في مدينة صغيرة في صعيد مصر تحاول نسرين خلال رحلتها الدائمة من والى بلدتها طما القاذ المنزل الذي تركه لها والدها قبل موته.. عالمان مختلفان ما بين الصراع الذاتي حول هوية نسرين والذاكرة بين القاهرة العاصمة وبين طما

المخرج: نسرين الزيات
الملخص: كيف يمكن للكاميرا أن تساعد المخرجة الشابة على تكريس الماضي كذكرى جميلة ومعايشة الحاضر كلقطة ملونة والنظر إلى المستقبل دون خوف من فقدان جديد.
ما بين منزل الأب الذي يعاد ترميمه من أجل إبقاء رائحة الزمن القديم في متناول الذاكرة، وبين الخوف على رضا الأم التي تمثل أطيب ما في الحاضر الكئيب، تقطع المخرجة رحلتها الداخلية ما بين سؤال وسؤال، ما بين زمن وزمن كلاهما حاضر ومؤكد لا فرار منه، تبدو الكاميرا مثل شخص طيب تستقبله أسرتها وسط تفاصيلها البسيطة، تبوح أمامه بتواضع وبراءة، ترصد ما هو ساكن، وتعيد تمجيد الراحل الذي ينتقل معهم من بيت لبيت لأنه موشوم في القلب

اللغة الأصلية: العربية
وثائقي، 2020، ملون، 72 د

42CIFF / CIFF 2020 - مصر
عرض عالمي أول


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