Prisoner and Jailer

  • Prisoner and Jailer - [Prisonier et Géolier]
Genre : Political
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2019
Format : Short
Running time : 15 (in minutes)

The story of two contrasting Libyans, one a key official in the former regime, the other one of the most prominent figures of the post-revolutionary period in Libya. Through these two characters, we discover the circumstances surrounding one of the most influential events in modern Libyan history: The Abu Salim Prison massacre in which more than 1,200 political prisoners were killed in the space of just a few hours. The film shifts between past and present through the two protagonists who exchange the role of victim. The majority of the events and dialogue that feature in the film were taken directly from testimonies of former prisoners and wardens.

"Prisoner and Jailer" tells the story of two contrasting Libyans: a key official in the former regime and one of the most prominent figures of the post-revolutionary period in Libya. Through these two characters, we discover the circumstances surrounding one of the most influential events in modern Libyan history: The Abu Salim Prison Massacre.

Ali Elshol, Eisa Abdolhafeez

a film by Muhannad LAMIN (aka Muhannad ALAMIN)

Libya / Tunisia / Qatar, 2020, Fiction, 15min, Drama / Politics

Prisoner and jailer - A Short film Teaser from Khayal Productions on Vimeo.

Title: PRISONER AND JAILER - السجين و السجان
Type: Short fiction
Duration: 15′ minutes
Country: Libya / Qatar
Genre: Drama / Political
Interests: Drama, Politics, History, Based on a True Story

Ali Elshol (Sheikh)
Eisa Abdolhafeez (Haj)
Hamza Souii
Mohamed Soltani
Omar Karmoussi
Ale Ben Sassi
Wassim Ben Sassi
Najmi Oun

Yasmine Dhoukar (Clandestino Production),
Muhannad Alamin (Khayal Productions)

Muhannad Lamin

Muhannad Lamin

Ikbal Arafa

Sound engineer
Aymen Labedi, Samy Gharby

Seifalah Kechrid

Muhannad Alamin

Clandestino Production (Tunisia)
Khayal Productions (Libya)

Supported by:
Al Mawred Al Thaqafi
Doha Film institute

France: Dorothée Oum (Sudu Connexion)

On 7 March 2021 @ 7pm GMT /// BBC Arabic

- Golden Hypatia for best film /// Alexandria international short film festival (Egypt)
- World Premiere /// Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA)
- Official selection /// 2019 Carthage international film festival (Tunisia)
- African perspectives /// Selection at Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival (France)
- Official selection /// Sudan Independent Film Festival (Khartoum, Sudan)
- Official selection /// Luxor African film festival (Egypt)
- Selection (Visions of Lybia) /// JCC - Carthage Film Festival 2021 (Tunisia)



يروي فيلم "السجين والسجان"قصة ليبيين متناقضين: مسؤول رئيسي في النظام السابق وأحد أبرز الشخصيات في فترة ما بعد الثورة في ليبيا. من خلال هاتين الشخصيتين ، نكتشف الظروف المحيطة بأحد الأحداث الأكثر تأثيرا في التاريخ الليبي الحديث: مذبحة سجن أبو سليم

مهند لمين - ليبيا

النوع : روائي
مدة الفيلم : 15 دقيقة
سنة الانتاج : 2019
البلد : ليبيا
الإهتمامات: دراما, سياسة, تاريخي, مقتبس من قصة حقيقية

سيناريو : مهند لمين
صورة : اقبال عرافة
مونتاج (تركيب) : مهند لمين
المخرج : مهند لمين
Clandestino Production (Tunisia) & Khayal Productions (Libya): شركة الإنتاج



PRISONER AND JAILER (السجين و السجان) è la storia di due libici su posizioni opposte: da una parte, un funzionario con un ruolo-chiave nel vecchio regime, e dall'altra, una delle figure più emblematiche della post-rivoluzione. Attraverso questi personaggi vengono descritte le circostanze in cui avvenne il massacro di Abu Salim, una drammatica vicenda della storia libica del secolo scorso.

Ali Elshol, Eisa Abdolhafeez, Hamza Souii, Mohamed Soltani, Omar Karmoussi, Ale Ben Sassi, Wassim Ben Sassi, Najmi Oun

un film di Muhannad LAMIN (alias Muhannad ALAMIN)

Libia / Tunisia / Qatar, 2019, Cortometraggio, 15min, Storia / Drammatico / Politica

Da una storia vera

Titolo: Prisoner and Jailer - السجين و السجان
Nazionalità: Libia/Tunisia/Qatar
Anno di uscita: 2019
Tipologia: Cortometraggio
Durata: 15 min
Lingua: arabo

Regista: Muhannad Lamin

Drammatico - Politica - Storia - Basato su una storia vera - massacro - generale - Storia libica - Uomini libici - Figura emblematica - Post-rivoluzione - Film storico

Anno di presentazione al FCAVR (Festival di Cinema Africano - Verona): 2021


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