Restless city

  • Restless city
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2010
Format : Feature
Running time : 90 (in minutes)

Djibril lives in New York. He has music in his blood and dreams to be successful in this megalopolis. The adventure will not be easy, notably his way crosses this of Bekay and a little after a so one Trini.

RESTLESS CITY tells the story of an Africa immigrant surviving on the fringes of New York City where music is his passion, life is a hustle, and falling in love is his greatest risk.
Djibril is a young African immigrant who's life can only go upward. He has endured many travails bythe time he arrives in New York. When he has lived in the City for a while he begins to believe that he can achieve his ample dreams. He wants to be a musician, a pop star and one day return to Africa where his mother and father still toil for a meager living.
By day Djibril sells merchandise on Canal street for a small income that keeps him going, but he doesn't want to do this forever and continuously seeks to find a way to succeed as a singer. He has made many friends on Canal and one of them is Bekay, a complex man whom Djibril finds difficult to trust. Bekay is a shady character who sells bootlegged cds to Djibril and also runs a secret brothel. It is at Bekay's brothel that Djibril sees beautiful Trini for the first time.
Later Midi, Djibril's partner tries to shoot Bekay at a club. Midi disappears into the night and is never heard from again. Bekay asks Djibril if he has seen Midi, Djibril has not. Bekay begins to doubt Djibril's sincerity but does not pursue the matter. Instead, Bekay sends out his thugs to find Midi.
Trini and Djibril begin a relationship at the same time that Bekay arranges a respectable job for Djibril as a courier. Djibril suddenly emerges into a world of agencies and offices on his daily runs delivering packages on his moped. His first date with Trini, however, ends in heartbreak as the two fight over Trini's vocation as a woman of the night. Soon after Bekay accosts Trini and cuts off her hair.
Crushed, Trini runs away but finds safety in an acquaintance's small apartment. Meanwhile, Djibril meets a music producer while delivering a package. He gets up the courage to approach him about his own music. It seems as if providence is smiling upon him again when the producer agrees to listen to his demo. However, Bekay's thugs harrass Djibril's friends in their search for Midi and Djibril begins to resent Bekay. This does not stop Djibril from asking Bekay for a loan to make a demo.
Trini begins to work at Sisi' hair salon. She begins a new life away from the brothel under Sisi's protection. One day Djibril comes to the salon, at first he does not recognize Trini, but soon they are in one another's arms again. Not long after, Bekay discovers Trini at the salon as well. He threatens her in front of Sisi and the salon clientelle. Trini's mind reels, she had believed that she was safe at last and in one moment her life has been ruined by Bekay again. She decides immediately to kill him. The story of Trini and Djibril ends in bittersweet sadness as Djibril rushes to protect her from a fate that seemingly cannot be avoided.
The story of Trini and Djibril ends in bittersweet sadness as Djibril rushes to protect her from a fate that seemingly cannot be avoided.

Andrew DOSUNMU, dir.

2011, USA

Scénario/Script : Eugenie Gussenhoven
Images/Pictures : Bradford Young
Son/Sound : Will Masisak
Montage/Editing : Oriana Soddu
Musique/Music: Tony Okungbown
Décor/Set design: Chad Kerth
Costumes/Costume Designer: Mobolaji Dawodu
Producteurs/Producers: Katie Mustard - Matt Parker
Producteurs délégués/Executive Producers: David Raymond - Tony Okungbowa

Alassane Sy (Djibril), Nicole Sky Grey (Trini), Danai Gurira (Sisi), Tony Okungbowa

Durée/Length : 90 min
Format : 35 mm
Affiche/Poster: Phil Bicher

Contact :
Katie Mustard
Tél.: 1-646 251 1715 ;

Sundance 2011
* World Premiere
* NEXT Competition
Sundance Screenings
-Sun Jan 23 9:15 PM Yarrow Hotel Theatre Park City PREMIERE
-Mon Jan 24 11:59 PM Holiday Village Cinema 4 Park City
-Wed Jan 26 9:30 PM Holiday Village Cinema 1 Park City (Press & Ind)
-Thurs Jan 27 8:30 PM Prospector Square Theater Park City
-Fri Jan 28th 4:30 p.m. Broadway Centre Cinema IV, Salt Lake City


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