Wallis-et-Futuna, l'exil à fleur de peau

Wallis-et-Futuna, l'exil à fleur de peau
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2020
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 52 (in minutes)

At 20,000 kilometers, Wallis-and-Futuna are the most remote French lands from the metropolis, the most atypical, no doubt also.
There, religion and customary law are the two pillars of the last kingdoms of the Republic.
Barely larger than inner Paris, this territory which offers very little prospect of the future, is emptying its youth.
Wallisians and Futunians go into exile in mainland France to join the army, study or break into sport, taking the risk of seeing their identity diluted in the France of the antipodes.
Articulated around crossed portraits, this film tells about the anchoring of an unknown, discreet diaspora, which lives the paradox of an exile in its own country.

A film by Claire PERDRIX

France | 2020 | Documentary, 52 minutes

Origin : France / Wallis & Futuna
Language: French
Length : 52 min

Environment | Commitment | Wallis-et-Futuna | History | Cultural identity | Work | Island | Gender | Traditions | Culture | Youth | Demography | Economy | Exile | Nostalgia

DIRECTOR: Claire Perdrix
SCREENWRITER: Claire Perdrix

13 Productions
France Ô

13 Productions

France Ô TV Channel, on 14/05/2020, 20h55
France Ô TV Channel, on 23/082020, 12h26
France 2 TV Channel, 28/10/2020, 20h55, "Infrarouge" TV show


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