Avalanche Kaito

Genre : Album | Electronic
Release date : Friday 10 june 2022
Digital release date : Friday 10 june 2022
Column : Music
Price : 15.00€
Running time in minutes : 40

Avalanche Kaito: A Burkinabe urban griot (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse) meets a Brussels noise punk duo. A new alloy that deconstructs both traditional and futurist knowledge.
This thrilling ensemble is releasing their self-titled debut album hot on the heels of their acclaimed 4-song EP Dabalomuni (January 2022), that The Wire called "freaked, juddering electronic punk."
A mysterious matrix that echoes disparate (but strangely compatible) sonic strands:  deep griot traditions, Fugazi, Can, 70s era Zappa, Black Midi, the full throttle rush of Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Emerging from an original dimension in sound, the polygenesis Avalanche Kaito redefine what it is to talk with the ancients whilst leaping forth into a futuristic chaos of noise on their debut album journey. A palpable experience with each sonic blast, each layer a revelation, this simultaneously taut but expansive universe, in which the oral traditions of the West African griot converge with Belgium post-punk, exists in its own space. 
The Dabalomuni EP was just a small window into a greater universe of animalistic symbolism and allegorical stories, wildly and loquaciously delivered under a rich exotic canopy or, echoed out into the ether. With the help of the visual language program PureData (an open-source apparatus for creating interactive computer music and multimedia works) and his pummeling, rattled drumming, Benjamin and his bassist foil Arnaud create an effective torque and tumult for Kaito's commune with his roots and life in a very different bush of ghosts. Within that space, you'll not only hear super charged traces of post-punk but the tribal, free jazz, prog, and industrial-electronica as well. 


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