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Release/publication date : October 2011
Published on : 02/11/2011
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Feature films

> Golden Antigone (District of Montpellier)
Jury : Christine Boisson (actress, France), Michel Ciment (writer, critic, France), Ferrante Ferranti (photographer, author, France), Karim Gamal El-Dine (director, producer, Egypt), Jean-Paul Montanari (director of Montpellier Danse and Agora, France).
Man Without a Cell Phone, by Sameh Zoabi (France/Palestine/Belgium/Israel)
€15,000 awarded by the District of Montpellier
Promotional campaign awarded by CINÉ+ for the release of the film
€2,500 in technical services awarded to the distributor by Titra Film

Special mention to
The Enemy by Dejan Zecevic (Serbia)

> Critics' Award (Crédit Coopératif)
Jury : Laurence Creusot (France 3, France), Ana-Maria Echeverria (AFP, France), Pavlina Jeleva (Dnevnik, Lik, Obektiv, Bulgaria), Alain Masson (Positif, France), Alex Masson (Première, France), Richard Pevny (L'Indépendant, France), Leo Soesanto (Les Inrockuptibles, France).
A Beautiful Valley, by Hadar Friedlich (France/Israel)
€2,000 awarded to the director by Crédit Coopératif

> Filmgoers' Award (Midi Libre)
678, by Mohamed Diab (Egypt)
€4,000 awarded to the director by Midi Libre

> JAM award for best music (CMCAS)
Jury : Agnès Brengues (violonist), Gérard Pansanel (musician, composer), Jean-François Fontana (President of JAM), Jean Peiffer (Director of JAM).
to Baris Diri for the music of
The Monsters' Dinner, by Ramin Matin (Turkey)
€1,200 awarded by JAM

> Insomnia World Sales Export Support Prize
En fuera de juego, by David Marqués (Spain/Argentina)
A €1,200 prize in the form of technical services

> Young People's Award (CMCAS Languedoc)
678, by Mohamed Diab (Egypt)
€2,000 awarded to the director by CMCAS Languedoc

Short films

> Grand Prix for Short Films (District of Montpellier)
Jury : Kalthoum Bornaz (director, Tunisa), Aurélie Chesné (Programme consultant, France Télévisions, France), Katia Kameli (artist, director and producer, France), Blandine Lenoir (actress and director, France).
Mokhtar, by Halima Ouardiri (Canada/Morocco)
€4,000 awarded to the director by the District of Montpellier
Special mention to
Brûleurs, by Farid Bentoumi (France/Algeria)

> Filmgoers' Award (Midi Libre - Kodak - Titra Film)
I Could Be Your Grandmother, by Bernard Tanguy (France)
€1,000 in laboratory services, ten 122-m reels of film negative and €500 in subtitling services

> Young audience Award (Ville de Montpellier)
Brûleurs, by Farid Bentoumi (France/Algeria)
€2,000 awarded to the director

> Beaumarchais Association Award
I Could Be Your Grandmother, by Bernard Tanguy (France)
€1,500 awarded to the director and an additional grant for the writing of a full-length feature film

> Canal+ Award
RF, by Stavros Liokalos (Greece)
Prize: film purchased for broadcasting

> Cinecourts Award (CINÉ+)
Haira, by Najwa Limam Slama (Tunisia)
Prize: film purchased for broadcasting in the programme'Cinecourts'

Documentary films

> Ulysses Award
Jury : Alexandre Hallier (producer, France), Régis Sauder (director, France), Jean-Luc Saumade (author, director, France).
Angst, by Graça Castanheira (Portugal)
€3,000 awarded to the director by the Médiathèque centrale d'Agglomération Emile-Zola Médiathèque Federico-Fellini of Montpellier

> cine4me Award
Jury: Lydia Kools, Élodie Garcia.
Will There Be a Theatre up There?!, by Nana Janelidze (Georgia)
€1,500 awarded to the director by cine4me vod website

Development Grants
Jury : Monique Carcaud-Macaire (professor, université Paul-Valéry Montpellier), Nadège Hasson (producer, Explicit Films), Béryl Peillard (screenwriter), Philippe Faucon (director).

One €7,000 grant
funded by the Centre national de la cinématographie et de l'image animée
to the project
Narrative by Firas Khoury, director and Amir Harel, producer (Palestine/Israel)

One €7,000 grant
funded by the Ministère des Affaires étrangères
La Prunelle de mes yeux by Hakki Kurtulus and Melik Saraçoglu, directors and Renan Artukmaç, producer (Turkey)

One €7,000 grant
funded by the Organisation internationale de la francophonie
to the project
La Mère by Sarra Abidi, director (Tunisia)

One €4,000 grant
funded by the Région Languedoc-Roussillon and €5,500 in technical services by Laboratoires Éclair
to the project
Nada by Ibrahim El-Batout, director and Bénédicte Thomas, producer (Egypt/France)

One €3,000 grant
funded by the Association Beaumarchais
plus one Kodak award
1000 meters of negative film for shooting
to the project
Déviation vers l'est by Nora Martirosyan, director (France)


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