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Genre : Calls for papers
Contact details Cristina Deptula Organizer San Lorenzo, CA
Principal country concerned : Column : Poetry / story telling
Release/publication date : 2021
Published on : 23/04/2021

I'm Cristina Deptula, publisher of Synchronized Chaos Magazine and publicist with Authors, Large and Small. A colleague and writer friend of nearly ten years who lives in Alexandria, Egypt, would like to publish her second novel through a large, luxurious publishing house, Austin Macauley in UAE. Jaylan Salah has a medical background and has been a translator, content creator, novelist, and poet ever since she graduated college. Her diverse lifestyle and background of mixed heritage have increased her compassion for writing about people unlike herself but who also went through similar journeys of suffering.

In her second novel "Dance, Metry, Dance" Jaylan chose to express what it would feel like to be alienated through the life of a Coptic artist stuck between the crème de la crème Egyptian society between the corners of white collar world, and her boss, a wealthy Coptic young man with a dark secret, who harbors undiagnosed symptoms of PTSD all the while gnawing his way through modern Egyptian society. These two unlikely characters fall in love, and struggle with classism, discrimination, and their irreparable feelings for each other.

Jaylan likes to express what it's like to be human regardless gender, sexual orientation, faith, or race. Book will come out in Arabic first, then -hopefully- English and other languages.
Jaylan is also a Film Critic (she is a writer Africiné Magazine, Dakar)

Link to some of Jaylan's poetry, published in Synchronized Chaos Magazine:

Link to Jaylan's poetry book on Amazon Amazon:

Link about Jaylan's first novel "Bogart, Play Me a Classic Melody" in Arab Voices project:

Link to Jaylan's writing portfolio:

Jaylan has located a reputable Emirati press that will publish her work, for a payment of $3000 US dollars, which we are in the process of helping her raise within the next months. The money will go to the following: editing the long manuscript, cover and book design, sending the book to multiple thinkers and book reviewers whether veteran or on social media, setting up promotional campaigns on social media, press, and television, in addition to printing and distribution.

Would appreciate it if you'd consider making a donation of some amount and/or spreading the word to your contacts!


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