FEPACI (Fédération Panafricaine des Cinéastes)

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Genre : Cultural operator, Collectif d'artistes
Status : Not-for-profit company
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
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00606 Nairobi
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The Federation of African Filmmakers (FEPACI) was formed in 1969 in order to focus attention on the promotion of African film industries in terms of production, distribution and exhibition. From its inception, FEPACI was seen as a critical partner organization to the OAU, now the AU. FEPACI looks at the role of film in the politico-economic and cultural development of African states and the continent as a whole.

FEPACI's purpose is to help in the further cultivation and nurturing of the audiovisual sector with the aim of catapulting it into a powerful cultural economy where there is a liberating economic capacity to create and deepen the understanding and appreciation of Africa's purpose of being by Africans themselves. FEPACI is to encourage ownership and control of Africa's image and imagination, the preservation of its heritage, its common history, its memory, its diverse indigenous cultures and languages while promoting its contemporary artistic creative expressions.

FEPACI Objectives
> To advance and represent the interests of African filmmakers in key forums such as the African Union, African governments, NEPAD and public broadcasting organisations.
> Coordinate and feed appropriate information to its members
> Set standards of excellence and advocate the use of best practice in story telling for film, in film production and marketing
> To strengthen regional and national and continental film and television organizations
> To promote the acquisition, ownership and control of the audio visual economy in Africa
> To develop national film productions and co-productions across the continent
> To encourage the formation of National film associations and the associations in turn being encouraged to be more influential in the formation of their national government's film policies and the creation of national film corporations.
> To persuade governments to recognise the importance of cinema in the social, economic and cultural education of their populations, and to adopt cinema policies that stimulate the development of cinema in their countries and regionally
> To stimulate the volume of film productions by independent film makers and also through co-productions
> To strive to have African films distributed throughout the continent, primarily, and internationally, as a secondary aim.

(former) FEPACI leadership (untill 2011):
The President (non executive)- Mr. Charles Mensah
The Secretary General (executive) - Ms Seipati Bulane-Hopa
The Treasurer General (non-executive) - Mr Albert Egbe
Regional Secretaries (until 2011):
Eastern Region: Jane Murago-Munene and Maji Abdi
Northern Region: Liazid Khodja and Jihan El Tahri
Western Region: Madu Chikwendu, Cheikh Ngaïdo Bâ
1 & 2 & Anne Laure Reimann folly
Southern Region: Abius Akwaake and Stephen Chigorimbo
Central Region: Camille Mouyeke & Bassek Bakhobio
Diaspora Europe: Marc Nekaitar
Diaspora Americas: Sarah Maldoror

FEPACI > Governance

The FEPACI Regional Secretaries

Abdenour Zahzah
FEPACI Northern Regional Secretary
Country: Algeria

Ahmed Atef
FEPACI Northern Regional Secretary
Country: Egypt

Abius Ndadi Akwaake
FEPACI Southern Regional Secretary
Country: Namibia

Asha Lovelace
FEPACI Diaspora Caribbean Regional Secretary
Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Joelzito Almeida
FEPACI South America Regional Secretary
Country: Brazil

Aboubakar Sanogo
FEPACI North America Regional Secretary
Country: Canada

Abraham Haile Biru
FEPACI Eastern 1 Regional Secretary
Country: Ethiopia

Fidelis Duker
FEPACI Western 1 Regional Secretary
Country: Nigeria

Cheikh Ngaido Ba
FEPACI Western 2 Regional Secretary
Country: Senegal

Maria Sarungi Tsehai
FEPACI Eastern 1 Regional Secretary
Country: Tanzania

Mohamed Said Ouma
FEPACI Eastern 2 Regional Secretary
Country: Comoros

Mariama Camara
FEPACI Regional secretary
Country: Guinee Conakry

Emmanuel Sanon
FEPACI Regional Secretary
Country: Burkina Faso

Patrick Badianjile
FEPACI Regional Secretary
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Basil Dube
FEPACI Regional Secretary
Country: South Africa

Jean-Pierre Edgard Bekolo Obama
FEPACI Regional secretary
Country: Germany

The FEPACI Secretariat team

Cheick Oumar Sissoko
FEPACI Secretary General
Country: Mali

Jane Murago Munene
Executive Director
Country: Kenya

Maurice Murimi
Director of Membership
Country: Kenya

Charles Wakaba
Financial Manager
Country: Kenya

Christine Githiomi
Projects and Communications Manager
Country: Kenya

Diana Otido
Executive Assistant and General Administrator
Country: Kenya


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