Global Arts and Development Centre

Global Arts and Development Centre (GADEC) is a non-profit international performance and advocacy organization dedicated to facilitating the integration of culture and arts into social, economic, and political spheres of human development. Founded on the believe that when a progressive and genuine attention is given to culture and the creative arts, it can awaken and release human potential in profound and unique ways. The  Global Arts and Development Centre seeks to establish and promote genuine relationships among individuals, communities, artists, and organizations interested and working to create vibrant and lasting approaches for sustainable human and community development.
GADEC holds the view that creativity and culture are very important elements in human and community development. These aspects of human endeavor enhances the transformation process by empowering and inspiring a vision for development that transcends the limitations of a materialistic approach to human and community development. It has as part of its core purpose the urgency of furthering interdisciplinary, multi-sectorial, and cross cultural approaches aimed at social change that is rooted in the creative arts and culture.
GADEC plays a leading role in promoting the integration of the arts and culture in development and education. We create performances using peculiar circumstance of the community we work with so as to improve their condition. Having also recognized the need for networking and collaboration as a catalyst to overcome the development cycles, GADEC ensures the use of the creative arts in community development. This is done by ensuring that whatever is implemented in terms of development projects is rooted in the culture of the people.  GADEC also endeavor to correct the already formed perception about the creative arts and culture by disabusing the minds of people for them to see the importance of the artist and his or her works in the society. Furthermore, GADEC seeks opportunities to increase awareness about the power of the arts in inspiring and releasing human potential.
In our bid to see the needed revolution in the integration of the arts, culture and development, we have   adopted strategic ways of achieving our aim. We thus, use the following avenues to conduct our business:
Ø  We court and nurture inspiration to create works rooted in the cultures of the world to delight the minds and hearts of our targeted audience.
Ø  Establishing a global network for collaboration among the cultural, artistic and development communities
Ø  Building partnerships between funding agencies and development projects that incorporate the arts and culture
Ø  Holding and hosting artistic and cultural events and exhibitions, which raise funds for the centre.
Ø  Establishing on-going programs which generate a stream of funds for the organization.
Ø  Providing grants and other funds to programs and initiatives which support the vision of the centre.
Ø  Recognizing and rewarding those initiatives that use the arts in development
Ø  Conducting consulting and training in areas related to application of the arts in development and education
Ø  Holding annual meetings, conferences and associated events for the sharing of research, experiences and insights in the application of the arts to development and education
Ø  Seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations
Ø  Using the organization's website as its essential tool in sharing stories on using the arts in development, links to like-minded organizations, educational source on arts and development and seeking help and support with the expansion of the organization.
To become the leading hub of arts, culture and development in Africa, accumulating and sharing knowledge and initiatives for sustainable culture and development and a free and prosperous society in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

To generate knowledge and enhance the capacity of citizens to influence public policy choices in order to ensure the integration of the creative arts and culture in development planning in Ghana and the rest of Africa.
Our commitment is to see to it that deprived communities and underprivileged individuals are empowered socially, culturally and economically disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide, particularly children, youth, and women.


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  • Groupe 30 Afrique
  • Alliance Française VANUATU
  • Zimbabwe : Culture Fund Of Zimbabwe Trust
  • RDC : Groupe TACCEMS
  • Rwanda : Positive Production
  • Togo : Kadam Kadam
  • Niger : ONG Culture Art Humanité
  • Collectif 2004 Images
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