Ngarachamayong Cultural Center

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In the matrilineal culture of Palau, the women's role symbolizes that of land as source of food and direct link to family inheritance. A person's community standing is determined by his relationship to his mother's family, The women choose the chiefs and have the power to rescind them. Women also have significant role when it comes to setting conditions relating to cultural practices, and to educate the community of those conditions and practices, Some twelve years ago, a group of visionary women of Palau, led by Bilung Gloria G, Salii, held a special meeting to discuss ways in which Palauan culture and traditions can be preserved. That special meeting led to a series of annual Mechesil Belau Conferences, which have influenced legislations and national policies aimed at preserving Palauan culture and traditions. It was through these conferences that an idea was born to establish a center, known as Ngarachamayong Cultural Center, from which the Ngarachamayong and the women of Palau, in collaboration with the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs, will conduct educational programs aimed at preserving and conserving the culture and traditions of Palau. Through their resolve, Ngarachamayong, Inc, was chartered and a $2,5 million grant was obtained from the Republic of China to construct the Ngarachamayong Cultural Cente. A matching fund of $600,000 was appropriated by the government of Palau toward the construction of the center. The Center was carefully designed as follows: Shape: Mechuchuu (largest Palauan money from Idid clan) Color: Yellow (color of Mechuchuu) The Center will eventually include: · Bai ra Belau (Palauan Meeting House) · Blil Omengaus (Weaving Area) · Blil Omelasch (Carving Area) · Blil a Ngloik (Dancing Area) · Diangel (Canoe House) · Amayong el ngara pond (Replica of dragon fly at the pond) · Toluk ma Olchotel a udoud era Belau (Replicas of Palauan Turtle Shell Money and Traditional Money) · Pavilion · Outdoors Stage · Botanical Garden · Plant Nursery · Boardwalk/Keburs Garden · Chinese Water Fountain Pond · Mesei (Taro Patch) · Sers (Dry Garden) · Blil a charm (Small animal farm)


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