An opera from the Indian ocean

  • Opéra du bout du monde (L')
© Latérit Productions, 2012
Genre : Musical
Type : Documentary
Original title : A opera das Mascarenhas [Brazil]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2012
Format : Feature
Running time : 96 (in minutes)

The film will follow the tour of the first Opera created in the Indian Ocean, "Maraina". From La Reunion and Madagascar to Paris, discover the unknown story of the first settlers in La Reunion Island. The cultural heritage of populations that share a common History. A musical road movie on the trail of the Indian Ocean discovery by Europeans. Both a lyrical and a human experience.

"Maraina" is composed by Jean-Luc Trulès, born in the small island La Reunion. The opera tells the story of the first settlers on the island : 10 Malagasy and 2 French mutineers, who were sent in exile over there in the 17th century. The solists of the opera are native from Tahiti, the French West Indies, Algeria, and Madagascar.

a film by Marie Clémence & César Paes

The cast :
Aurore Ugolin (Soprano-Guadeloupe),
Steeve Heimanu Mai (Baryton - Tahiti),
Karim Bouzra (Ténor- Algeria),
Landy Andriamboavonjy (Soprano - Madagascar)
Josselin Michalon (Baryton - Martinique).
Emmanuel Genvrin (libretto - France).
Jean-Luc Trulès (Music - La Réunion)

technical info

runing time: 96 minutes
format: DCP
ratio: 1:66
visa: 117469
year of production: 2012

directors: Marie Clémence & César Paes



oronantsarin'i Marie Clémence & César Paes

halavana: 96 minutes
karazany bande : DCP
ratio: 1:66
visa: 117469
taona: 2012

mpamorona: Marie Clémence & César Paes



Um filme sobre a formação de MARAINA, uma ópera contemporânea composta por Jean-Luc Trulès, músico nascido na pequena ilha da Reunião (La Réunion). O libreto conta a história dos primeiros habitantes da ilha de Reunião:

Os solistas da ópera são de origens diversas: Guadalupe, Martinica, Reunião, Madagascar, Taiti, Algéria.

Jean-Luc Trulès, compositor da ópera e também chefe da orquestra.

Aurore Ugolin, soprano,

Steeve Heimanu, barítono,

Karim Bouzra, tenor

Landy Andriamboavonjy, soprano, o

Josselin Michalon, barítono,

Arnaud Dormeuil, ator e músico

Emmanuel Genvrin, autor do libreto e fundador do Teatro Vollard.

um filme de Marie Clémence & César Paes

duração: 96 minutes
formato: DCP
ratio: 1:66
visa: 117469
ano: 2012

diretor: Marie Clémence & César Paes


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