Egypt's Modern Pharaohs

  • Pharaons de l'Égypte moderne (Les)
Genre : Historical
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2015
Format : Feature
Running time : 180 (in minutes)

On January 25, 1952, downtown Cairo was burnt down: angry mobs demanded the departure of British colonial military rule and called for ‘bread, freedom and social justice'. Fifty-nine years later to the day, the same anger was displayed, the same slogan brandished - but this time against Egypt's elected president. For six decades, Egypt's post-colonial leaders forged a system that harnessed military and religious powers, struck a delicate balance in foreign relations and muzzled a complacent civil society. What led the docile Egyptians to mass revolt? How were the promising ideals of the 1952 revolution hijacked? What led to the total breakdown of social justice and political freedom?
From king Farouk's exile in 1952 to the flight of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, this two-part documentary revisits 60 years of Egypt's recent history, through four of its recurring facets : the military, civil society, the Muslim Brotherhood and the country's interactions with foreign powers. A discerning analysis incorporating never seen before archives, extracts from Egyptian films and footage, and interviews with prominent public figures.

A film by Jihan El Tahri

Egypt, France, United States of America, Qatar / 2015 / 180 min (2x90mins) / Original Language: Arabic, English

Interests: Documentary, Middle Eastern, Politics, History

Réalisatrice/Director : Jihan El Tahri
Scenario/Script : Jihan El Tahri
Images/Pictures : Frank Peter Lehmann
Montage/Editing : Gilles Bovon

Durée/Length : 90 mn
Format : Blu-Ray 16/9, DVD 16/9

Producer : Laurence Uebersfeld
Producer: Karim Boutros Ghali
Production Déléguée : Big Sister (France)

Main Contact
Karim Boutros Ghali
Company: IPS
+33 (0) 6 14 66 39 55
Phone: +33 9 5279 5870 (France)


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