Ebony - The Last Years of the Atlantic Slave Trade

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Genre : Historical
Type : Docu-drama
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2016
Format : Feature
Running time : 90 (in minutes)

A Docu-fiction about slavery.
Slavery is the shared dark side of the history of many nations around the globe. But apart from the accounts of our schoolbooks and some memorable dates, what do we really know about the struggle to put an end to the Atlantic Slave Trade?
This story is related in a full drama, by Senegalese feature film director, Moussa Touré, and historian experts.
During the second half of the 19th century, slavery and the trade linked to it were theoretically forbidden. The concept of abolitionism was spread out all around the colonies of various empires. However, the slave trade continued and brought even more injustice and violence, in a world at the dawn of a major change.
Based on precious archives of different kind - logbooks, letters and diaries, written by slaves, ship-owners, slave-traders or colonists - this documentary gathers numerous voices as witnesses of a sad era.
By using the aesthetics and the codes of the fiction, as well as a tangible and creative scenario, this exceptional one-off will become a reference.


starring Adja Katy Touré (Yanka), Khadim Séne (Toriki), Eric Herson-Macarel, Jean-Baptiste Puech, Mame Cheikhou "Sanekh" Guèye, Alban Casterman, Olivia Brunaux, Jean-Philippe Ricci, Guillaume Briat, Erico Salamone, Dorylia Calmel (voice over), Lucien Jean-Baptiste (voice over), Carlo Brandt (voice over),

Produced by Les Films d'Ici

Year : 2016
Genre : Fiction

Directed by : Moussa Touré
Author : Jacques Dubuisson
Sound : Dominique Levert
Editor: Josie Miljevic
Original soundtrack : René Marc Bini
Production Manager: Nelly Mabilat

Executive Producers: Serge Lalou & Sébastien Onomo
Producer : Elisabeth Kiledjian
Coproducer: Gunnar Dedio / LOOKS FILMS (Germany)

Co-production : Les Films d'Ici, Les Films du Crocodile, France Télévisions, Curiosity Project, RSI, RTBF
Partners : France Télévisions

Language : French
Available version : Original Version French with subs
Length : 52' / 90'
Format : HDCAM
ISAN: 0000-0004-14DD-0000-K-0000-0000-E

Distributor: LUCKY YOU


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