Awel & Ayta

  • Awel & Ayta
Genre : Musical
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2019
Running time : 17 (in minutes)

by Rami Aloui and Nadir Mohammedi

"They say that after the first scream our life begins."
It's the story of a first scream...
The first cry of a generation that has too often been presented as "The" sacrificed generation.
A first spontaneous cry, inspired by a youth that wants to reappropriate its citizenship, that wants to find the taste of Living and the desire to Act.
A first cry that marks the awakening of a collective consciousness, and the rebirth of a sacred union through citizen solidarity.
The first cry of those who have remained speechless for too long, and who today only aspire to be reconciled with their roots in order to better spread their wings.

It's not really a group, but the work of a whole Alamoriska collective, which wants to be Maghrebian, essentially we're Algerians and live in Marrakech. The 5 main characters of this film are therefore Algerian.

Marian Filali : make-up art and choreography
Salma Bourjila: artistic direction and decoration, assisted by Sana Mezrai Zeddoun,
Amine Arrom: sound recording,
Taha Nouri : shooting with Rami Aloui
Mounir Kelia: editing with Rami Aloui
Slimo and Mohamed Zohair: brass instruments
ESAV Marrakech: availability of all means
Nadir Mohammedi: co-writer and co-director
Kenza Mamene Menebhi : the mother
Abderrahim Samih: the father
Djohar Mehidi
Imad Hajji : VFX


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