Under the same moon

Year of production : 2006
Format : Mid-length


Ce documentaire suit le parcours de gens anonymes qui ont fait l'histoire, qui sont l'Histoire. Il s'attache à leur mémoire, à la transmission personnelle de leurs histoires, pour raconter autrement le XXème siècle, en approchant au plus près l'intimité de ces vies particulières et atteindre ainsi une histoire universelle et intemporelle.

Un film de Françoise Gallo, 2006, France, Documentaire, 52min

A century separates the first images of the film, Tunisians immigrants arriving by small boat in Sicily in 2002; and the story of a typical Sicilian family, my own, which emigrated in a small boat from Sicily to Tunisia in 1902. This story of repeated emigrations spans the 20th century, between Sicily, Tunisia, and France; the settlement of the family in Tunisia, at the time a French protectorate; -the two world wars of 1915 and 1939; the reign of Fascism; and Tunisian Independence, which signalled the departure of the family for France. In the film each generation is represented by one person, introduced at the moment of a capital decision for his future, who confides his fears, describes his challenges and his reactions, and fights to keep alive his hopes. These hopes of emigrants, silent and fragile, which I know from personal experiences, I bequeath to this film.

Director : Françoise Gallo
Writer : Françoise Gallo
Camera : Alain Souffi, Françoise Gallo, Nabil Saidi, Chaker Ben Yahmed
Sound : Moncef Taleb
Editing : Patrick Bouquet

Production : Mosaïque Films,
19, rue Béranger,
75003 Paris, France
Tél : +33 (0)1 4271 1790
Fax : +33 (0)1 4271 1788
Email : mosaique.films@noos.fr

Co-Production : France 3 Corse

Sales : Mosaïque Films,
19, rue Béranger,
75003 Paris, France
Tél : +33 (0)1 4271 1790
Fax : +33 (0)1 4271 1788
Email : mosaique.films@noos.fr

Format: Betacam Digital. Colour
Running time: 52 min
Year of production: 2006

* Aspects of French Production


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